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College Care Packages College Care Packages
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Students love surprises from home!
Send them a College Care Package containing healthy, delicious,
fun & useful items guaranteed to make them smile.

Exam Survival
College Care Package

Exam Survival College Care Package
Loved by Customers

My daughter loved it! She knew that I was thinking about her during finals ... and it was so nice to find a company to send a care package when I didn’t have time to put one together myself. Thanks! - Karen G.

Cool College Care Package! I have shopped around for care packages to send to my son at college and most have items that are not healthy or popular. CampusCube had many fun, healthy items and my son loved it! Very happy with company. - Connor T.

My daughter loved her college care package and I did not have to pack it. Truely, I had no idea how important care packages were because I went to school 20 minutes from home ... She loved the content of the packages and was the envy of her college friends. - Alberta M.

Loved by Press

MySubscriptionAddiction - Absolutely Loved Sunshine Cube!

Verdict: This is my favorite CampusCube yet! The curation for this month’s Cube is impeccable; I really admire the thought and care put into it... Read Review

HelloSubscription - Awesome Review of Fresh Start Cube

CampusCube sure puts out an awesome box! This is truly a wonderful care package of helpful items, delicious snacks, and pampering self-care treats. Read Review

What's Inside Our
College Care Packages

Whats inside college care package

Every CampusCube College Care Package contains:

  • Healthy, delicious snacks*
  • Great personal care items
  • Useful stuff

And students love that our "Cubes" upcycle into useful dorm room storage.

* Gluten Free available

cool storage 2

Good for the environment. Cubes upcycle into great dorm storage!


We donate a portion of sales to the national chapter of Scholarship America, which supports 13,000 scholarship and education assistance programs across the nation.